Poetic Catalog

There is quite a lot of poetry on this particular blog. This is an attempt to catalog some of it in a coherent fashion.  Given that there are over three thousand posts at the time of this cataloging (January 10, 2017) it’s likely that some will be missed, others will be mis-filed, and still others will be deleted accidentally or deliberately.

Many people come looking for the Neo-Orphic Hymns.

I would very much appreciate any comments you tell me, but especially about broken links or mistaken links. I would also appreciate that if you borrow anything from this collection, that you link back and make proper attribution.  All rights reserved, etc. Thanks.

Recent Efforts

Update: Found poems from this website useful in some fashion? Consider buying my book of poems celebrating the Behenian Stars, available from Amazon (kindle) or from Etsy (PDF).  And be sure to leave a comment, letting me know you enjoyed them!


Heroic Meter

Hymns for Saints

Other Poetry

The Orien Fragments

Neo-Orphic Hymns

All the main hymns to the planets are on one page here.

Chapbooks & Art Books

Other chapbooks include:

  • Fame’s Younger Sister
  • Percival
  • Argonautica: Jason at Colchis

Ask me nicely in the comments, and I might mail a copy of one of these three to you.

Hymns of the Eight Greats

Goshen Songs

Astrology Odes

I’m working on a poetic catalog for the fifteen Behenian Stars.  I’m more than half-way done with them, but only some of them are on the blog at the moment; the rest will come as those fixed stars come into position, I think.

Odes of Modern Myth

Looking at the list below, you might think I’d never written any other kind of poetry besides Mythological hymns to pagan deities.  It’s not precisely true, but wow, did I find a lot of them tonight.  Many of these take the form of ‘psychological mythology’, addressing the god named, and describing them to some degree, and then using their attributes and mythos to explore how we might become more appropriately attuned to that energy.


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