8 The Hall of Leo

Welcome to the Hall of Leo! With this episode, we’re halfway through the Zodiac, although we have two bonus episodes coming up — one between the hall of Virgo and the Hall of Libra; and one between the Hall of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

We seem to have settled into a regular schedule around here of “release on Wednesday”, so look for the next episode, your guide to Virgo, next week!

Show Notes

Just a few basic notes to help you along.

  • The chapels of the Decans are: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars
  • The chambers of the Terms are: Jupiter, Venus, Saturn/Mercury, Mercury/Saturn, and Mars
  • The Triplicity Lords are: Sun by Day, Jupiter by Night, Saturn between them
  • The Sun is Ruler of the Hall
  • Saturn is in Detriment, the tiles underfoot
  • The Sun keeps no prisoner… no one is in exile here.

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