Magical Working


I’ve been a practicing magician for about thirty years now.

What does that even mean? For me, it means that I like to give both practical and impractical advice — which is to say, advice rooted in both “the world as it is” and “the world as we imagine it to become.”

elemental banners

Just as the world got to be the way it is now, by lots of people in the past doing and acting and thinking in particular ways, so is the future subject to the thinking and acting of the people of the present day.  Whether what we imagine is the result of subliminal messaging or communicating with spirits or through prayer, the evidence is pretty solid that we have the capacity to change the world first by changing our thoughts, and then by changing our actions.

For me, that has meant taking on a variety of identities and developing my skills in a range of methods — I’ve been a practicing martial artist, a ritualist, a school chaplain, a teacher, a historian, a computer scientist, a graphic designer, a diviner, an energy worker, a Maker, a poet, a carpenter, a stonemason, a fire-spinner, a technology expert, a book-binder, a theologian, a painter, an artist, a politician, a public speaker, a writer, a philosopher, and a gardener.  In other words, I have a broad range of mundane skills to apply to magical questions.

Magical Poetry and Book-Binding


I am a trained bard.  I tend to write in formal styles like odes and sonnets and haiku. I can compose poetry specifically for your use with a chosen spirit or as part of a larger ritual obligation.  I also have some of my collections of poetry for sale as ebooks through, and as hand-bound collections.  I can help create and make a hand-bound grimoire of your selected texts.

You can examine the existing free library of texts — either the catalog as a whole, or my Neo Orphic Hymns — or my Amazon offerings, to see whether or not my style appeals to you and works for you:

Divination: Geomancy, Tarot & Astrology

Divination is about three things — identifying possibilities and potentials beyond your own mindset or self-(s)inflicted stories; seeking out both the likely and less likely potential futures for yourself; and helping you change your mind from a state of anxiety about the future to a state of calm consideration.

For at about a decade now, and daily now for five years, I’ve been a practitioner of the divination form called Geomancy.  I’ve cast well over four thousand divination charts using this method of binary numbers, first with pointed sticks in sand and then with wands.  For $80, I’ll cast a chart on any question or point of concern you wish — first helping you to define a question and then casting a chart and developing an answer for you along with time and space for follow-up questions for an hour (additional time charged at $1 a minute).

Geomancer's Sticks

I can do the same for you in Tarot — or with Coelbren, the runes-like divination system of the Druidic Revival either developed or discovered by Iolo Morgannwg in the late 1700s.  I charge only $50 for Tarot readings; Coelbren readings are less complex, and provide less feedback — and so I charge $25 for these.

I am also learning astrology — I’m about two years (of three) into the apprenticeship process of learning astrology as an effective form of communication.  Depending on what you want to know, my rates are negotiable; in general I start at $40 for an hour of reading a chart ‘cold’, or $80 for an hour of prep before our consultation; if you want me to do an analysis of timing of future events, I charge $100 (for the 90 minutes of prep work plus the hour consultation).

img_7167Image Magic

Not many people practice Image Magic.  They go for sigils or talismans, most often.  I tend to prefer making pen and ink drawings at astrologically or geomantically charged moments. They’re often small, comparable to miniatures in medieval manuscripts in both style and function.

Each is very much like a sigil from Chaos Magic — a squiggle intended to represent a real-life wish or goal, but presented as a picture in black and white. You can leave them as is, or you can color them in.  The price is negotiable based on both size and intention.  Be in touch.

Magical Clothwork

I have an Etsy website at Watermountain Studio. There, you can find examples of things that I’ve made for members of the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, or for deacons and priests in liturgical churches like the Anglcans and the Catholics, and for magicians and others — stoles and sashes, robes, bags for tools like runes and coelbren and geomancy sticks, banners, and more.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.19.55 PM

I do custom work, both to your design, and designing from scratch where necessary.  I can work with both fabric constraints (like wool or cotton or ‘for outdoor use’) and with color and design constraints as well.  I can make garments in three dimensions to both ‘stage costume’ quality and at a ‘street wear’ quality according to your needs.

At left are some banners that I did to the design specifications of the Druidical Golden Dawn.  They measure about 3 x 3.5 feet. They give you a sense of what is possible to do.  I draw the line at full-sized tents, but many other things are possible.

Strategic Consulting


The Picatrix opined that the typical magician should know about all kinds of things, from healing to agriculture, from architecture to astronomy, from metallurgy to music — and that the really wise person should be a talented giver of advice.

I’m not likely to give you the sort of strategic planning advice that Ivy of Circle Thrice is likely to give you (and I do recommend her if you’re looking for advice on project management or long-range planning). But I do believe that I give good advice, at least in part because I learned and practiced a great many art forms and delved into a good many subjects in the process of teaching children to become successful and competent citizens, workers and leaders. Chances are, I’ll give you good advice too, helping lead you toward quality goals that help you make a great future for yourself.

Consultations on strategic questions have a negotiable rate based on hours of time spent; my general rate is $1 a minute, and you might get the first fifteen minutes free if you present an interesting problem clearly and intelligently.