Poem: First Term of Taurus

Several years ago, I began a new poetic project of astrological poetry: it was to write a poem for each of the Chaldean Terms, use that poem to craft a title and a visual image to accompany each Term, and to understand the Term as a bundle of visuals and ideals. That project is available to members of my Patreon at the $3 or $5 tiers, although I’ll be publishing the first poem of each Zodiac sign here.

It’s possible, of course, to use the titles of each Term as a memory aide to learning them, and the images can be used as a tool for studying the relationship between the Zodiac Sign, the ruling planet of the Sign, the ruling planet of the Term, and the confluence of powers represented by those relationships. Some may also find these poems and images and titles useful for magical operations, although some care should be taken in managing these operations.

The First Term of Aries was published here.

First Term of Taurus

To Venus, 0° Taurus 00’  to 7° Taurus 59’ 

The Boutique

Hail to you, Venus, who brings luxury
to prosper both the owner and her team!
All customers are served with gallantry
and all the goods for sale meet someone’s dream.
With silken raiment, honey and rose
perfuming the air, your grace entices
fingers and tongues, pleasing eyes and noses
with earthly wealth in comforting places.
And all this richness flows through the fingers,
a river of coin bearing costly freight
from Earth’s four corners. Some moiety lingers
in the merchant’s till — rare a hundredth’s weight
for all of Earth’s wealth flows in transition
and few hold more than the slimmest portion.

 The industrious workers labor in a luxury shop while the owner balances the books upstairs in a bare room.

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