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Once you go to my scheduling page, you’ll see that I offer a number of kinds of appointment, but there’s not much description about what those mean, or what you get for the indicated fee. Here’s a list to help you sort through that.

In all cases, I provide you with a copy of your chart by email or other digital delivery, a copy of the audio-video recording (subject to some bandwidth limits that may not be in my control), and my email for follow-up questions after the reading.

Natal Consultation — this is my core service. It’s a 2-hour to 2 1/2-hour consultation on your natal birth chart. The first hour is usually a look at your chart’s major features, while the second hour is a more detailed look at the astrology of the present hour. If time permits, I allow an overrun of 30 minutes to look at some particular issue in your life: romance, career, upcoming moves, challenging circumstances. There’s a lot of time for back-and-forth question-and-answer, and a lot of opportunity for examination of your chart’s natal promise, as well current indicators ($220 —Astrology).

Solar Return Consultation: Every year, the sun returns to the same degree and minute as where it was on the day you were born. In this 1 1/2 hour consultation, I’ll examine the natal chart and the Solar Return chart, and give you some month-by-month advice about upcoming issues in the year ahead. This reading is best scheduled at a time close to your birthday, and it’s preferable to have had a Natal Consultation before you have this reading, so you have some familiarity with my style and methodology. This is largely a predictive reading, and it moves pretty fast. ($120 – Astrology)

Annual Follow-up: Some people don’t want to have a full consultation on their year ahead broken down by month. This reading allows for a review of the past year and a scan of the highlights of the coming year. The consultation is an hour. ($75 — Astrology)

Natal Consultation: No Birth Time: Some people don’t have their birth time. They may know the actual birth date and location, but they lack the critical information of knowing the time. There are some techniques for providing people with astrology-based answers to these sorts of questions, but there are limits to what these techniques can reveal. This is a 75-minute consultation, where the first 15 minutes are about explaining the limitations of what we can discuss, and the remaining 60 minutes are an examination of the chart of the birthday at one of the doorposts of the day: dawn, noon, dusk, or midnight, at the informed choice of the client. ($75 — Astrology)

Shield Geomancy Reading: Geomancy is a binary system of generating dot-patterns in order to generate a story. It’s a common fortune-telling or story-telling technique, and I use it for helping to generate non-rational advice that people may need to hear in difficult times. I generate what’s known as a shield chart, which consists of fifteen figures arranged in a patter rather like a medieval knight’s shield. It’s good for answering one yes-ish/no-ish question or if-then question in some detail, such as “should I move my business to a new location?” or “If I ask Peggy Sue to marry me, what will be the result?” The typical geomancy chart takes 30 minutes of time, and you can request an in-person consultation or a typed response. ($40 — geomancy)

House Geomancy Reading: Geomancy uses two styles of chart, and this is the second style of chart. It involves reading a square chart with twelve rooms that each deal with one aspect of your life. This is a more generalizable reading that is better at answering ‘field’ questions like, “what should I do about my aging parents?” or broader questions like, “how will my personal business do in 2021?” The typical house chart interpretation takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to read or report on, and you can request an in-person consultation or a typed response ($85 — geomancy)

Tarot, half-hour: Tarot, of course, is the famous card deck of 78 cards that first appeared in Italy in the 1500s. Whether thought of as a card game or a tool of prediction, the Tarot offers insight into mundane matters through non-rational, image-based means of interpretation. ($40 — Tarot)

Tarot, one hour: A longer consultation with a Tarot deck. Tarot is largely about using strong imagery to offer non-rational advice and alternative storytelling: it’s about seeking a different story to a challenging situation or circumstances. ($80 — Tarot)


If you would like me to sew something for you — a banner, a robe, a costume for a particular occasion, a suit — anything at all is a combination of materials + time = I currently charge $20 an hour for my sewing skills. You can buy off-the-rack items from my Etsy shop.

Consulting & Institutional Development

Are you running a MakerSpace in your school, library, or other institution? Suffering from competence anxiety (can I really do this? Should I be running this program?)? Trying to get others involved? Hoping to build out your program to be a more effective MakerSpace? Wanting to know more about how to make your MakerSpace successful? Contact me.

Are you an administrator, trying to decide if you should start a MakerSpace in your institution? The answer is probably yes, but let me help you make the evaluation.  Using proven methods, tested research, extensive reading, and field experience, I’ll walk you through the issues you should be thinking about, from personnel and staffing to insurance and training. Contact me.

Have you decided to build a MakerSpace in your institution? Galled by the price tag? Already have a MakerSpace but thinking about an upgrade? This is an advanced version of one-on-one coaching — but I’ll come and help you design and build your MakerSpace, probably at a fraction of your planned cost. Contact me.

Have a MakerSpace?  Is it not used as much as you or your institution would like?  How do you change that?  How do you rethink your professional development program so that your whole staff develop the kinds of hands-on skills that MakerSpaces will create and improve in your clientele, whether students, library patrons or others? Contact me.


Need me to Make something? I work with fabric, mostly, but I also do bookbinding (for your specialty grimoire or book of poems). You can check out my Etsy site, Watermountain Studio, to see examples of the things I make.

Contact Me

If you’d like to contact me about a service or product I don’t currently offer but you’d like to request, please reach out here; and you can also use this form to make other kinds of requests.


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