Poetry: First Chaldean Term of Libra

The First Chaledean Term of Libra ©copyright Andrew B. Watt

First Term of Libra

To Saturn by day and Mercury by night, 0° Libra 00’  to 7° Libra 59’ 

The Ancient Archive

To Saturn belongs high contemplation,
and secrets that history has concealed.
But scribes can provide a re-creation,
and through their writings are secrets revealed,
one line at at time, through careful study,
at dawn or dusk or hours in between —
for no wisdom unveils til it’s ready
(though it be so little, common, or mean).
And so the scholar studied while in bed,
from dawn’s first brightness to the squinting dusk,
til his name’s pricked in the list of the dead;
and solitude withers his lifeless husk.
His death is like a library, burning —
a tragedy, but the world keeps turning.

An old and lonely man reads books of ancient lore in his bed by the early light of a dawn or sunset.

Followers of my Patreon at the $3 tier and up have now received thirty-five of the sixty poems that I’ve composed for the Chaldean Terms running from Aries to Libra. Every month they get a new set for the upcoming astrological sign. Each term-PDF consists of a title, a poem, and a magical image for use in spell-work, art, or magical self-transformation. If you’d like to receive the pre-release version of these poems as they come out, you can join my Patreon and get access to all my other benefits — including the astrology column horoscopes for all three decans, and access to the more than 500 pages of material on the astrological-magic process called Walking the Decans.

You can read the first term of each sign here: AriesTaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgo – Libra. I’ve constructed these with the intention of creating a kind of “Astrological Book of the Dead” with sixty stories of people who’ve died during the time the sun p assed through each Chaldean Term. It’s been a challenging process, and I’ve been at this for five years. At this point, the poems are complete, and have gone through a preliminary editing process; they’ll go through a second editorial process as I type them up for my Patreon supporters.

All sixty poems will come out in a PDF collection for printing and personal use at home or in small-group pagan or magical groups, sometime in March 2024.

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