Poem: First Chaldean Term of Leo

First Term of Leo

To Jupiter, 0° Leo 00’ to 7° Leo 59’

The Library

The Teacher has long declared How Things Are,
as if perfect truth somehow existed—
their edicts always a guiding North Star,
their disfavor unwisely resisted.
You, lord Jove, have given them this glory
to shape consensus from strong opinion
and execute any other story —
in their expertise, they hold dominion.
Then the sage dies: the fable they forced
melts like spring snowfall, unravels like gauze
when theories prove less perfect than coerced:
mortal frailties oft disguise natural laws.
The expert’s work is never quite erased,
but their theories are rapidly replaced.

A librarian disposes of damaged books, while another writes a new book nearby.

Followers of my Patreon at the $3 tier and up have now received twenty-five of the sixty poems that I’ve composed for the Chaldean Terms running from Aries to Scorpio. Every month they get a new set for the upcoming astrological sign. Each term-PDF consists of a title, a poem, and a magical image for use in spell-work, art, or magical self-transformation. If you’d like to receive the pre-release version of these poems as they come out, you can join my Patreon and get access to all my other benefits — including the astrology column horoscopes for all three decans, and access to the more than 500 pages of material on the astrological-magic process called Walking the Decans.

You can read the first term of each sign here: Aries – Taurus – Gemini – Cancer – Leo – Virgo – Libra – Scorpio. I’ve constructed these with the intention of creating a kind of “Astrological Book of the Dead” with sixty stories of people who’ve died during the time the sun passed through each Chaldean Term. It’s been a challenging process, and I’ve been at this for five years. At this point, the poems are complete, and have gone through a preliminary editing process; they’ll go through a second editorial process as I type them up for my Patreon supporters.

All sixty poems will come out in a PDF collection for printing and personal use at home or in small-group pagan or magical groups, sometime in March 2024.

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