9. The Hall of Virgo

This week, we visit the highly analytical and precise hall of Virgo, the home of Mercury’s domicile rulership and the home of their exaltation.

Show Notes

  • Domicile of Mercury (Bronze & quicksilver, orange, rainbow)
  • Exaltation of Mercury (bronze columns with flutes filled with quicksilver)
  • Detriment of Jupiter (blue floor tiles)
  • Exile of Venus (caged at the foot of the statue of Virgo)
  • Walls are a middle green, for Fixed Earth (I think I forgot to put this in the talk).

I think that this was the hardest one I’ve yet done. I had a lot of technical challenges and interruptions; you’re likely to hear some breaks in the video signaling interruptions that I experienced during the recording process. Part of that was the challenges of dealing with coronavirus questions during the call — and part of it was the surprises of working from home.


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