Poem: Jupiter Cazimi

The word Cazimi refers to an occasion when a planet conjuncts the Sun. Tomorrow, Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, and both are in the same degree and less than 17 minutes of arc apart. A few days ago, their orbits crossed — and tomorrow, 11 April 2023 at 6:02 pm EDT, they’ll reach their closest approach. Some astrologers don’t think of this as a true cazimi, since the Sun won’t occult or hide Jupiter entirely behind its body — but it’s still a moment that we should recognize. This time around, the cazimi occurs at about 21° Aries, although each year it occurs (usually) in the next successive sign.

Hail to you, Jupiter, in the Sun's heat,
the generous prince enveloped in flame —
give mercy's counsel to the royal seat,
prosperity and bounty now proclaim!
Put rings on fingers, and gift ermine gowns
to those who sing paeans to your glory,
and drape the chains of office on their necks:
let laughter and smiles undo all frowns,
let festive times come, with song and story
pure enough for kids — yet hinting at sex 

in ways that amuse both the teens and the old.
for some have no knowledge (and some have some);
some don't recall how they used to be bold —
but when jokes begin, fond memories come,
and new ambition stirs in head and heart.
Gods and mortals in playful communion
wrap one another in honor and praise—
new projects begin, in commerce and art, 
public works and political Union, 
warmed and enlarged by the Sun’s golden rays. 

Come, lapis Jupiter, in sumptuous robe:
bring forth new edicts from the royal Sun,
and scatter new glories across the globe
so the courses of mortal lives may run
more smoothly, and with the blessings of peace—
fair measure and weight, and standards lifted,
right governance, and food in due season,
physicians' kindness and death's last release; 
from such dignities, much wealth is gifted —
and only villains dare call it treason.

The next several Jupiter cazimis are on 19 May 2024, 23-24 June 2025, 31/1 July/August 2026, and 31 August 2027. In general, Jupiter cazimis are about 13 months apart, though retrograde Jupiter occasionally interferes — tripling the number of encounters in a single year.

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