7 The Hall of Cancer

Show Notes

Yeah, I don’t even know what to say here for show notes. I hope listeners don’t mind, but there just aren’t any show notes at all for the “just me” Palace of Memory episodes. What would I say, anyway?

Oh, right. I was going to provide the data:

  • Ceiling purple and silver, in honor of the moon
  • Columns blue, in honor of Jupiter
  • Walls pale blue, in honor of cardinal Water
  • tiles underfoot black and white, recognizing Saturn
  • cage empty: no prisoners in exile in Cancer.
  • Doors on the right
    • Red (Mars), Blue (Jupiter), Green (Venus), Black/Orange (Saturn by day, Mercury by night), Orange/Black (Mercury by Day, Saturn by night)
  • Doors on the left (Decans)
    • Venus with the 2 of cups first (green), then Mercury with the three of cups (orange), then Moon with the four of cups (purple)
  • The Triplicity lords: Venus by Day, Mars by Night, the Moon cooperating with both.
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