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Cotton game boardsI’m interested in games, and gaming. They’re an important social activity; they teach rules or guidelines or strategies for engagement with the world; they help us understand our history as human beings. More

Tai Chi Y5D9

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Standard issue daily practice, nothing particular to report.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be shifting to a weekly report on tai chi, rather than a daily one.  I’ll be writing a short entry in a single file daily, but then post them on Wednesdays rather than every day.  So this will be the last tai chi entry until next Wednesday.

The Book Everyone’s Talking About

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This book that everyone is talking about has finally arrived, and it’s amazing.

For once, I’m not talking about a Gordon White book, although I’m waiting eagerly for the second volume all the same. More

Tai Chi Y5D8

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Two qi gong forms, four tai chi forms.  I had a lot of trouble on the south-facing and west-facing tai chi forms.  I started over on each form, twice;  and in the case of the west-facing form, three times. More

Tai Chi Y5D7:

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Did static qi gong this morning, rather than the two dynamic forms.  I held standing postures for about three minutes apiece, and then did four rounds of tai chi. More

Cooking: Mariner’s Sauce


I’ve been doing some cleanup around the apartment during this Holy Weekend, and among the things I found was my grandfather’s recipe for Mariner’s sauce, or marinara.  My grandfather was a sailor, a chemist, a scientist, a navigator, and a talented cook. His neighbors thought he was a CIA operative, because he was so urbane and sophisticated, and regularly spent time in Saudi Arabia or Lebanon or France or California or Texas.  He invented some of the earliest filters and scrubbers for the smokestacks of coal-burning power plants, and the royalties from those patents allegedly paid for his retirement for many years.  He worked for multimillionaire oil barons in the 1940s and 1950s, brewed explosive formulas for the World War bomb factories before that, and identified aspirin as a potential wonder-drug to his daughters in the early 1960s.  More

Tai Chi Y5D6:

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Four tai chi forms after two qi gong forms. Really good breathwork on the two qi gong forms, and on the first and fourth tai chi forms.  I was a little sloppy on the second tai chi form, made improvements on the third, and felt rock solid on the fourth.  In all of the forms, I made a point of saying aloud or in my mind’s voice the name of the movement I was about to do.  It helped keep me on track.


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