Tai Chi Y4D238: Quick Set

I did a quick set today, largely because I know it will be a long day. There’s that St. Francis De La Salle quotation, “I always meditate for a half-hour every day. Unless I am busy. Then I meditate for an hour.”  I didn’t meditate for an hour this morning, but I meditated for longer than I intended to.

All I did today was tai chi. No push-ups, no squats, no nothing extra.  Even the main druidic work was perfunctory.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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  1. Sometimes you expand and breath in, then contract and strike as you exhale; other times you breathe in and get small so that you can exhale and explode into the movement. Cycles, “Gyres within gyres,” as Yeats put it, or the old “go with the flow.” So in stillness today you breathe; tomorrow you flash into action…

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