Today was a day off from school. As a result, I tried to sleep in, but still only got an additional 20 minutes of sleep.  My brain is waking me early these days, and it’s alarming, to some degree. Just lying in bed doesn’t help.  I get restless.

I began my morning with a longer session of druidry work.  There are periodic workings called path-working, designed to strengthen the imagination and to deepen one’s meditational capacities.  Since I had the time, I did one this morning.  Then I proceeded to the office to do tai chi.

My practice consisted of 40 push-ups and 40 squats this morning.  Is it time to add sit-ups? I hate sit-ups, and I’ve never been able to do a good one alone; and with a partner is embarrassing.

The tai chi and qi gong forms were OK.  But I know the difference between good and OK, and this was OK. Right speed, right breathwork… no fire, really.  It’s hard to keep up that same intensity, day after day.