Did tai chi in the early hours of the morning, and druidry. Got good results.  But really, I’m not going to talk much about myself. Instead, I’m going to mention Abe Lincoln.

Actually, I’m going to give him a guest post.  Abe signed a proclamation probably written by William Seward, the secretary of state, to make a single united Thanksgiving for everyone.  The proclamation made Thanksgiving a national holiday for the first time.  And it’s a doozy.  Usually these sorts of things are long-winded and tedious — but this one has reached me for a long time.

Peace preserved with all nations, blessings which come from the earth and the skies, without humans doing much (and sometimes even when we act against the earth and the skies).  Peace (usually) maintained, laws (mostly) respected, harmony (generally) preserved. These are sentiments a druid or a taoist could love and enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.