Tai chi Y4D235: evening out

I mean the title here to suggest balance, rather than me going to a party last night. I think I was in bed by 9:15.

Today I re-added push-ups and squats to my routine after a couple of days away. Doing 30 push-ups and thirty squats has never been easier, in fact. Down to the ground crank out thirty push-ups like I’ve been doing them for years, or more accurately as though I was lying in the sun. Then up and do thirty squats like I was standing still.

I don’t really take rest days, do I? And yet for muscle growth and health and toning, you’re supposed to. It’s a question for Mr. Mitchell, I’m sure.

After that, two iterations of the tai chi form. No qi gong today, but certainly some Druidry after a few days away. The habits of meditation have been slipping the last few Days, and I’m trying to recommit to that.

My art show continues. On the previous entry is a link to the photos of all the paintings on display. I’ll try to put it here, too, but WordPress is wonky on a tablet at times. I’ll try to fix this later this morning.

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