Autumnal Maker School: Art Exhibit

This fall, I’m running the Autumnal Maker School (AMS). What’s required to be in the school, and to graduate? Make ten things between September 21 and December 21. Preferably useful things, but artistic things work too. I have made a Volvelle, a computer program that calculates the area of a hexagon, a graphic design sample that shows how to make an Egyptian god, a braiding disk, and picture IDs for my school. 

Part of me feels slightly guilty for sharing this as part of my Maker School series. The paintings were produced between August 2014 and October 2015. Most of them were finished only in September and October of this year, as in a couple of weeks ago.

But I also wanted to create an online record of my art show, and give blog-readers a chance to see the images I created for this art show, called Golden Mysteries: Paintings inspired by Traditional Geometry.

There will be a “meet the artist” evening on November 12, 2015, from 5:30 pm to 8:00pm, at Klekolo World Coffee, 181 Court Street, Middletown, CT 06457.  I’ll be there.

Golden Mysteries

It was a lot more complicated to set up an art show than I thought it would be. There was the question of positioning the hooks on the wall, and then writing up the descriptions of each painting, and deciding on a price (I’m thinking the paintings are overpriced, really… even though they’re priced to sell.) And there’s the added challenge that I walk into this coffee house every day, see the paintings, and — I’m dissatisfied.  I’m sure that I could have done better with these paintings than I actually did.

That said,  Click through on the image to see the full 35 pictures on Flickr.

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