Tai Chi Y4D232: under wandering stars

Woke early enough, and went out to see the rough (not exact) conjunction of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter,  and Venus. Four planets all close together! I did my tai chi form under these wanderers in the driveway.  Then I sang to the planets — not because I expect them to sing back to me, but I feel like they’ve been calling for my attention lately, and it seemed like a good idea.

Came back inside because my feet were cold, and did druidry work, and a little more tai chi.  The last three days have been flat-out busy, and yesterday was particularly bad with a 7:20 am start at school and an 8:25 pm finish with two fifteen-minute breaks in between. The lab has never been so busy as it was yesterday, with four programs running between the start of the day and the end.  Part of the reason the breaks were so short yesterday is that I was doing clean-up between each one, in the remaining free time.

So today was sort of a loss in terms of daily practice — two tai chi forms, no squats, no push-ups.  I’m sore — I pushed myself with sawing and sanding precision wood parts yesterday, and broke four. Today I will be taking things a little easier.

The school has asked me to teach a tai chi class this winter, so we have more physical activities at school when we’re cooped up inside.  I won’t be able to slack off too much longer.

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