Tai Chi Y4D231: Oh. Right.

Today I had a terrible time waking up.  It was 5:00am, and the alarm was going off. And I was hitting snooze, and resting, for another nine minutes. And then the alarm went off again. And I snoozed. For another nine minutes.

When I finally got up, it was only to do thirty squats, one tai chi form, and thirty push-ups.  And then I remembered. Daylight Savings Time is over. Oh, right.

My body thinks I’m trying to get going at 4:00am. And it’s quite naturally telling me that I have to sleep for another hour.  That I get to sleep for another hour.  And that getting up is just plain ridiculous at this time.

I hate Daylight Savings Time.

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  1. Have you noticed any changes — in fitness, body fat, etc. — since adding squats to your routine?

    • I THINK my body fat is down, and I THINK my abdomen is flatter and stronger. Some of this is belt channel work but not all. My weight is down a little, my legs are definitely stronger, and my knees no longer hurt. Squats and push-ups both force me to do heavy lifting of the heaviest thing in the house — me — and that heavy lifting is making legs and arms stronger.

      Not always visibly, though, which is disappointing. But I weigh 288 this week, which is 12 pounds below my summer weight.

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