Update 23 January 2017: This post is one of my most-visited posts, even eight years later.  If you’d like to thank me for creating this perpetual calendar, please consider PayPal’ing me a few bucks, or buy a copy of Poems for the Behenian Stars on Etsy, or through Amazon (cheaper!) my chapbook/guide to the spiritual meanings of brightest stars in the northern sky.

Update 6 April 2017: FESTAE is a set of poems that I wrote organized around the pagan days of this calendar.  It’s available through Amazon.  THE SUN’S PACES is another collection, organized around the Greco-Roman-Mediterranean deities of the Zodiac’s subdivisions. It’s available through Amazon, as well. THE MANSIONS OF THE MOON is a collection of twenty-eight poems based around the secret Zodiac that rules the Moon’s movements in particular. It’s also available through Amazon.

I’ve been meaning to do this, and a few friends bullied/inspired me into doing it, finally. It’s the list of the various pagan/spiritual days that I tend to notice and celebrate in some fashion when they pass by. Currently, I’ve not added in the poetry associated with each day, but it is a basic guide to the 113 festival days. Hey, any excuse for a party.

Because it’s on Google Calendar, you do have the ability to add this to your calendar there. Because it’s on Google Calendar, you can download it and install it on programs like iCal and the freeware programs like Sunbird/Thunderbird. You can even download it and put it on Microsoft’s program, whatever it’s called. Enjoy.


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