Tai Chi Y4D230: Don’t End Script

Yep. Tai chi again. Actually, druidry first thing, and then 25 push-ups, 25 squats (thanks Robert Mitchell), two rounds of tai chi.

But I did tai chi a little differently this morning.  The first version of the form was more like, “extended playtime with tai chi.” Instead of doing the form through, beginning to end, I had some play time. at the second Snake Creeps Down, I went back to the first Snake Creeps Down, and continued with Golden Pheasant on Left Leg.  It’s as though I never did the middle part of the form at all.  When I got to the next Roll Back, I rolled back to the first one.  And so on. Every time I came to a point where I hit a repeated movement, I simply shifted to an earlier point in the sequence.  And in this way about 35 minutes passed.

By the end of the set, I was mildly sweaty, and I ended by facing in the wrong direction.  I didn’t care any more about trying to reorient myself.  But, I did take the time to do one more tai chi form, straight through with no looping and spiraling in on myself. It was a delightful bit of play — and it was a great reminder of what yin-yang can mean when you’re playing with chaos and order.  Individually, each move I made in the first form had its parallel in the second; but each move might have been made three or four times more than usual.

As I worked, I continue to play with the belt channel and with the central spine channels. This internal work has been proving very useful indeed, and I hope that I’m able to continue with this part of my practice for several more weeks, at least.

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