Tai Chi Y3D282: Onward

I got up about 6:00 am, and did my tai chi.  I didn’t take very long at it — I must admit, I was impatient for other things to happen today. Which, it looks like, they won’t — it’s not much fun to go to a farmers’ market in the rain.  My left knee bothered me a little bit during tai chi, and I should probably work through the form a couple more times to bring additional healing and energy to that area. But we’ll see.

I’m reading — and working through in my own way, which turns out to be entirely appropriate to the information I’m learning — Austin Coppock’s book on the 36 Faces, or decans of the Zodiac.  Gordon has regularly recommended Austin’s Almanac, for its wealth of astrological information and advice; and I must confess I’ve found it similarly helpful.  Sometime in the new year there may be a PDF for sale of poetry connected to the 36 Decans for magical work.

I gave a shout-out to Deb Castellano’s New Year New You project yesterday, which I did several years ago, and may do again this year. I think that I should give credit to Deb for helping me figure out that I wanted to do Tai Chi daily — and for helping me realize that I didn’t want to start working on Tai Chi daily until after all the turmoil of the new year had sorted itself out.  She’s good at helping you figure out stuff like that. So she gets a shout-out again today — we thank the people who help us move onward.

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  1. Well then, you deserve a shout-out of you own! Thanks, Andrew, for helping me to move onward by modeling how it’s done! Yea!

    • Thanks, Christina.

      There are days when I feel like I’m deserving of kudos for this adventure, and there are other days when I’m just doing what I want to do.

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