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Roll Back to Single Whip (part 1)
Roll Back to Single Whip (part 1)

I promised you all a page today in the ongoing effort to produce a set of tai chi diagrams.  as well as being added here, I’m also adding it to the Tai Chi Poem and Drawings page, which I finished assembling from about 60+ individual blog entries yesterday (in my copious free time).

Deb Castellano has put her New Year, New You  program in radical magical self-transformation up online again, and if you’re looking for some course-work to radically improve your life after the New Year, you’re in luck, because it’s just the thing to get you going.  I don’t think I can attribute the start of my tai chi work to her… but I think that the New Year/New You program was instrumental in helping me figure out that it was important for me to be doing that. And then a few months (or maybe it was a year) later, I started doing just that.  Well worth doing.

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