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Single Whip to White Crane Spreads Wings
Single Whip to White Crane Spreads Wings

Maybe it’s cheating.

I mean, I’m supposed to be doing a page a day in this drawing project as part of my daily practice. But at this point, I’m more than half done, and I have the entire first half of the tai chi form laid out in diagrams.

Why shouldn’t the tai chi “page of the day” with the diagrams be a separate entry? Can I do that?

It’s my blog. I suppose I can.

This page details the movements from the second half of Single Whip to White Crane Spreads Wings.  I realized I didn’t allow enough “windows” in my book for White Crane Spreads Wings, so the last panel actually shows two hand positions — the spread hands position, followed by the closing ‘carry the ball’ position.

I’ll be adding it to the Tai Chi Poem and Drawings page in a moment.

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