Tai Chi Y3D105: Sweaty/Stinky

Today I stink to high heaven after tai chi.  I don’t know why. Yesterday I ate very well — yogurt in the morning, a salad a lunch, and some tuna at dinner. Wine? Maybe.  I don’t know.  I feel fine, but I’m sweaty and stinky.  This is unusual. Even when I sweat from tai chi, which is rare, I don’t smell.  Something I ate in the last couple of days?  Hard to say for sure.

The ten push-ups part of my morning was awful. As long as I keep up the routine, I think I’ll be fine in the long run; but today they were difficult in a way that they were not, yesterday. Keep on, keeping on.

The two qi gong forms were easy.  I’m definitely feeling like I’m doing better on Eight Pieces of Silk. I started doing this one much later than the first one, Five Golden Coins.  I also learned it much later in life, and from a video instead of from a teacher.  I never feel that I do Eight Pieces as well as Five Coins. All the same, Eight Pieces is beginning to catch up to Five Coins in terms of how well I practice both forms, and how effectively that challenge me.  The older form has plateaued for a while, and the newer one is challenging me in a couple of ways.  The big way that Eight Pieces challenges me is in the pulls along the flanks.  It’s easy to do this maneuver with the muscles of the back, but the work-out is more effective when the pull is done from the sides, the oblique muscles that run in bands between the armpit and the hip.  When I do it from there, I get stronger. When I do it from the back, I get less flexible.

My left nee is still sort of bothering me.  It’s better since I’m not putting as much pressure on it, but I’m also aware of how I sit funny and favor it when at a table.  Really, it seems to be telling me, don’t sit as much. More exercise.  My doctor wants me to add some cardio to my routine — a half-hour walk-up-to-run, or a bicycle ride, daily.  I haven’t figured out how to incorporate that yet.


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