Tai Chi Y3D106: In the soup

I’m in the soup of Tropical Storm Arthur. No, I’m not in any danger at the moment.  But there’s this heaviness in the air, and a humidity, that I’m not used to.  Usually this time of year is hot and humid, but not like this.  It’s 6:30 or thereabouts, and it’s already miserably hot and humid. There is sweat dripping down my back after tai-chi. Waking up this morning was almost about prying one’s eyes open underwater — it’s so humid, and so hot, that coming out of dream was almost unbearable. Definitely a day when the Watcher on the Threshold made an appearance.  He was quickly banished, but … man.  It’s not going to be an easy day for summer school.

There’s not much to say about tai chi this morning in response. The air is thick, and movement took a lot out of me.  It’s pretty brutal, and not ideal conditions for trying to maintain a constant speed and a suitable presence in the work.  But we keep on.

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