Tai Chi Y3D16:

Don’t know what to say. Still at it.  It feels less useful to keep writing about the practice at this point.  Back in Year One, I was trying to understand how tai chi’s internal tradition lined up with what I knew about Kabbalah.  I was also sweating my way through a half-hour tai chi workout. I don’t sweat so much any more, and I don’t think much about the line up between tai chi and the Tree of Life very much, either, any more.  In Year Two, I was noting the ways in which the intensification of practice on some moves helped me slow down and build energy more effectively.

Lately I’ve been tired. I’ve come to the end of a high-running cycle at school, and some of it may be the feeling of ‘jet lag’ that comes over us when we’ve been running hard for a long time, and it’s time to rest and scale back the work.  But there’s another layer to it, which I’m having a hard time pinning down.

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