Tai Chi Y2D319: clearing cobwebs

This morning I woke muzzy-headed and stiff and sore. I knew its cause — out too late on a school night. I normally bounce out of bed at 5am or so, but the older I get the more I need to to have an early bedtime on working school days. And today was a working school day, but I was awake until almost midnight. So my body didn’t want to get out of bed. And it didn’t until 5:40 am, when I remembered that I have an early-morning appointment.

A full tai chi session this morning? Not likely. Not in this muzzy-headed condition. Ah… But ten minutes seems to have been just what was necessary to clear the cobwebs. I did all usual form work, just a lot faster than I usually do. Cobwebs cleared, muzzy-headedness gone, and a couple of sneezes from my eyeballs have cleared the lingering sleep from my head and he stiffness from my limbs.

Gotta dash — and thanks to tai chi, can.

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