Tai Chi Y2D318: Rack the Days

It’s difficult to sustain the kind of intensity that I managed yesterday for more than a few days in a row. If yesterday was a five-star day, today was maybe a three-star: it wasn’t bad, but it could hardly be called awesome — I did some great breath work in the course of the morning, but my eyes didn’t pop out of my head. It took me about thirty minutes to do the whole sequence: Five Golden Coins, Eight Pieces of Silk, tai chi, and Druidry exercises. That seems to be just about right in terms of time, attention and effort. Learning another qi gong form like the one I call Magnum Mysterium, or Standing Bear, would add another five minutes to the work, or maybe ten. I want to do that, but maybe not right now.

If you pressed me for an insight, though, I’d have to say that the biggest one for today is how important the toe touches and squats are to the work overall. They only appear in the Qi gong forms, where they’re called something else, but they’re body training for moves like Snake Creeps Down in the tai chi form. More than that, though, they stretch and tone the connective and muscular tissue that joins the legs to the core. These are challenging muscle groups to get at and train, and yet my regimen has me exercising them sixty-four times a day. And the result is that those muscles and connective tissue is getting stronger.

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