Tai chi Y2D320: feet on floor

I noticed today that although my breathing was good, and I moved at an appropriately slow pace, that my feet were not always in contact with the floor when they should have been. I’ll have to work on that.

The places that came to my attention were as follows: in White Crane Spreads Wings, my left big toe was in contact with the floor, but it wasn’t engaged. It should be maybe 10% of body weight resting there. This requires the other 90% to be invested in the right foot. Yet when I swung my arms for the spreading wings, I lost my balance. So I didn’t have enough weight in the left leg to keep my balance secure.

Again with the movement, Grab The Needle On The Sea Floor. The left hand is on the right wrist, the weight is in the right leg, and the disengagement of the left leg allows the body to sink down toward the floor. As I did so today, the right heel popped up off the floor. Wobbly balance resulted. To fix this is going to require a good deal of attention, because it’s about stretching the hamstrings and feet to rest flat during an almost maximum bend simultaneously of the hips and knee and ankle.

The third place was on Snake Creeps Down. I’ve really let my SCD go to seed, and I’m going to have to rebuild it slowly, because this is the posture which is riskiest for Americans who don’t stretch. It begins in the feet, of course, because if the feet are placed properly, it’s easy to sink down to the crouching position. If the feet aren’t properly placed, though, then there’s a risk of tearing the ACL or one of the other ligaments, and I don’t want that.

There were other places, too, but I’m going to start with these three, which are really five, since SCD happens three times in my form. I also find that I can’t dedicate myself to fixing more than three or four things at once. I get confused about how to change everything, and what specific fixes I intend to try.

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