Tai chi Y2D116: easier to say than do

20130706-121510.jpg I finished my first-ever knitted scarf on
Thursday,and I finished my first major sewing project on Friday.
Earlier, I found my groove on the geomancy mandala, and completed
all of the line work for the design. Summer is a good time to
finish projects, apparently. The project I found yesterday — of
moving with muscle power during tai chi, instead of gravity —will
take a little longer to complete. I think it’s a key insight,
really, and a useful project. But today, of course, it was very
hard to find that groove where the work came easily and yet slowly
at the same time. It can be done— I’ve learned that much — but
doing it reliably and accurately will take practice. Just like
knitting. Just like sewing. These things are mysteries which
require effort and ingenuity and inquiry. They don’t happen just
because I say so. They happen because I practice so.

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