Tai Chi Y2D115: muscle not gravity

Part of my success yesterday with slowing down seems to
have been that I was using muscle, not gravity, to move my body
around. It’s a tricky thing, gravity. It’s always working on us,
and it’s so constantly there that we don’t notice it’s holding us
down and dragging us down from the very beginning. I don’t think
that we,even as tai chi practitioners, really notice how much our
motions are sped up by the action of gravity on our bodies. So we
have to remember to use muscle, and not earth’s own attraction,
when our limbs are moving downward. Otherwise, we pick up speed,
and we translate that speed into the upwards motions. So, to slow
down one’s tai chi practice, be sure you are using muscle, and not

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  1. >>So, to slow down one’s tai chi practice, be sure you are using muscle, and not gravity.
    Disagree – thinking along these lines: http://taijineigong.com/tensegrity-and-taijiquan/
    I am doing CMC 37, long stick, Yang 108 (basically sensu Patrick Kelly), started sword (VanSickle) and walking stick.
    Did not find the style you practice??
    Cordially Carlo

    • Dear Carlo,

      Thanks for writing. My thinking on this is still evolving of course; I’m only a third of the way through my second year, rather than a master.

      I very much like the concept of tensegrity, and I believe, as you do, that the fasciae is/are deeply important to the practice. Thanks for giving me a new angle to consider!

    • Oh, and as far as what I practice: I do a variant on a short-form Yang style. I’d like to learn a stick form, though.

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