Tai Chi Y2D86: Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school.  Graduation is tomorrow, and today will be the typical run of activities and hysteria that marks the beginning of summer vacation.  Most of the kids will have to show up for the graduation ceremony tomorrow, and it will be relatively short and to the point.

For me, I’m having trouble bending over.  The last few days have made my core muscles stronger, but it’s been accompanied by (I hope) a temporary loss of flexibility.  Every time I’ve reached over to grab something off the floor or the ground, it’s been accompanied by grunting and moaning (from me) of an old man.  This is new, as is the stiffness which accompanies said groaning and grunting.

At the same time, I feel fitter than I have in a long time.  It’s a weird combination.

Today was better, though… Maybe I just needed to work out some stiffness, and now that it’s solved temporarily, it will be easier.  I don’t know —further evidence tomorrow.

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  1. Funny. That’s how my aikido development has been. I feel generally fitter, but it is at the expense of occasionally feeling very stiff and sore (the morning after a training day, especially). I figure that as long as the healing is stronger and faster than the strain you are putting on your body, you come out ahead. And you have to put some strain on it to rev up the healing systems. Kind of a paradox.

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