Tai chi Y2D85: slowed down

Us lot of things came together this morning. It took me twice as long to do the tai chi form as it usually does. I didn’t stop. I didn’t hold any position. I didn’t lose my place. I just kept moving. Slowly.

We’re there fast parts? Yes. I can’t do a slow windmill kick to save my life. But in generall, I did the form at maybe a half to a quarter of my usual speed. I reached that ability naturally and without deliberate effort today… it just felt right.

Of course, it’s taken nearly fifteen months of regular, attentive conscious daily practice to get to the point of doing this unconsciously and without effort. But hey, first there’s no mountain, then there’s a mountain, then there’s no mountain.

It seems likely that there will be several months before the tai chi form comes this easily again.

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