Tai Chi Y2D87: growing ease

I’ve reached the point where I can do all three forms without much huffing and puffing. I used to have to stop for a minute or two between each qi gong form and the tai chi from. That’s changing. I seem to have the physical and breath strength to do all three forms in a row without stopping. It’s indicative of my lung capacity and my improved physical health.

The mental capacity isn’t always there, though. My mind wanders far more often than I let on in these entries— I’ll find myself standing at my desk, staring at a project, rather than doing the next movement in one form or another. today my mind didn’t wander, and I did all three forms. They flowed right into one another without difficulty. Yet when I compare how distracted I usually am with today, I realize that today was unusually free of distraction… No bad thing.

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