Tai Chi Y2D84: No Idea

Sometimes, there are things about tai chi that I have no idea why the work. This morning, after a late night grading exams (after an earlier late night grading history papers), I woke with my eyelids glued in place. I hit the snooze button twice — and eighteen minutes after first alarm, I crawled out of bed to perform my morning ritual. To say that I was dragging is to miss the point.  I was dysfunctional, I was so tired.

Two poorly-worked qi gong forms and a tai chi form later, I’m awake, and functional, and even reasonably happy to be up.  I’m looking forward to the end of the school year, and an end to the grading cycle, and an end to the examination week cycle and the graduation week craziness.  All that.  But more, I’m impressed by the way tai chi is able to preternaturally eliminate mental exhaustion and weariness even when poorly performed.

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