Taiji Day 317: Die with your boots on

Today I had an errand to do early morning — but Saturdays, even on a long weekend, are one of my few days to sleep in. So, I compromised. I got up just in time to go do the errand, and then did Tai chi afterward. So, I was already dressed: winter boots, several layers, etc., etc.

Boy, doing tai chi dressed for the New England outdoors in your boots is a wholly different experience than doing it in your pajamas fresh out of bed! Normally I’m not this “well-dressed” for tai chi, and it caused me some challenges. If I was fighting for my life in my ordinary street clothes, I’d be dead for sure — especially if kicking had been required. Getting your feet off the ground when you’re wearing shoes designed to keep you on the ground and firm footed, is not easy.

Clearly I’m going to have to change up my practice routine a little. At least a couple of time a week I’m going to have to do tai chi in my regular workaday clothes, with shoes on, and build up my skill at moving through the tai chi form in ordinary dress. It’s not that I’m expecting a fight at any time, or expecting to fight… But if I ever did need martial arts skills beyond the basic use for health and relaxation, I had better learn to do more with it than strike poses with it in my pajamas.

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