Taiji Day 313: Don’t Cross the Streams

It’s only been a few days, but I’m planning on separating the two qi gong forms again, and going back to doing five golden coins and eight pieces of silk separately, with a short 1-minute break between them.  A few days of doing the work this way, and I find I don’t sleep very well at all for a while.  It’s hard to know if this particular sleeplessness was caused by the qi gong combination, or other factors like too much coffee — or the fact that I’m presenting as the main speaker at a conference of 75 people today.  All the same, I think it’s time to end this brief experiment, and go back to what I was already doing.

Restoring that short cycle to the tai chi form, though, has helped.  Doing the whole form, in the right order, lands my feet bang on the right spot during the form’s ending motion, bang every time.  (If you want to work on practicing this end-where-you-began format, and you’re not sure if you are… lay a quarter at your feet, with Washington’s face oriented so that you’re looking down into his profile.  You have to be pretty careful not to kick the quarter around the floor as you move through your floor-work, but it gets the job done.

I don’t have time for much else, today, except to say that I’m speaking about Design Thinking for AISNE today up in Massachusetts with my boss.  It should be interesting, as we try to present this new paradigm for teaching and learning, and the way we do it at our school, to educators from 24 schools in four states.  I’m rather excited.

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