Need a New Grimoire?

Here’s one.  This is Version 2.0 of Design Thinking for Educators.  It’s yet another guide to the exercises and mindset necessary to be a designer-teacher, or a teacher-designer — a person who works and thinks like a designer in schools for the betterment of the experiences of the student, the teacher, the administrator, the parent.  And while I haven’t delved too deeply into this version of the book yet, its predecessor, version 1.0, is well-thumbed and pretty well dog-eared by now.

I wish I could say this work is mine.  It’s not, of course, but I have other fish to fry, and other work to do.

But if your school is all “fill in the bubbles” and “here’s this worksheet”, then this is one solution (among many).  It’s one of the ways that this generation is gunning for business-as-usual in schools around the world.  And here’s a grimoire, a grammar if you will — for understanding that new language.

If you’re a teacher, this will reinvigorate your practice if you can work past the challenges this book presents.  If you’re a magician or claim to be, this PDF — for a lot cheaper than Rufus Opus’s course, or Jason Miller’s (fine as both courses are), will show you spirits and mindsets that you probably don’t think about on a regular basis, but (within its limitations) will show you a slightly different set of priorities, and a slightly different way of looking at the world.

Well worth downloading.

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