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Sometime in 2009
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I spent a fair bit of time talking about Design Thinking today at our workshop for AISNE with my boss, but these two images tell an important part of any DT-based story.

In 2009, Dave Gray taught me to draw in one short, seven or eight minute lesson over a couple of beers in a garden setting behind the Avon Inn. @PaperBits (Josh DiMauro) was there, he can record it. And shortly thereafter, I made this pencil sketch of a character in the Poetry-Novel I was working on at the time, published elsewhere on this page as the Orien Fragments — an uncompleted novel I may return to someday, but which I think was derailed by being tapped to help run my then-school’s Re-Certification process.

Anyway. Here’s this image that I did shortly after learning the basics of drawing. I can’t swear to how long after my basic lesson I did this drawing, but not long. Less than six months, certainly, because I finished working with this notebook shortly before Thanksgiving…

The 21st Mansion: Al-BaldahAnd here’s this image that I did roughly two weeks ago, of a mysterious two-faced being. Improvement, no? Even though they’re two different subjects and two different themes or materials and there’s a whole lot of ways these two images SHOULDN’T be compared.

If you’re going to be a Designer, learn to draw. You’re going to develop a visual language for things way, way before you fully develop the verbal language to describe things. And the visual language will help you bypass the breakdowns in verbal communications, AND lean forward into three-dimensional development.

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