Taiji Day 279: Where’s the tension?

Where’s the tension when you do tai chi? Focus attention there.  At least for now. Tomorrow it will be in a different place.  Right now, I’m experiencing that tension in my upper thighs, in the back, which means paying especial attention when I bend over to touch toes, or do deep knee bends.  Yesterday it was focusing on the snap of the wrists during the long punches.  Yesterday there was attention on how dry I felt, and how much extra water I needed to drink; today my focus should probably not drink as much coffee (As a result of being over-simulated, I was up way too late, and assembled this poetic catalog of previous works that are already published here, but weren’t findable unless you knew what you were looking for.  Started now, not complete, but a good beginning).

The other lesson from today is, take off the socks before trying to do tai chi.  I got through the two qi gong routines easily enough, but I was slip-sliding all over the place by the time I got to the form, from not being properly balanced for the work.  On second thought, leave the socks on.  Maybe they’ll teach you something about slowing down and really doing what the system asks you to do, which is learn to move in balance all the time, under any circumstances.

Even a day like today, when I’ll be operating on 1/5th as much sleep as usual.

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