Catalog Partially Organized: Poetry

There’s quite a lot of poetry on this blog, most of it written in the early years of this blog, and an earlier blog I kept on LiveJournal.  And, thanks to a lengthy effort this evening (amazing what coffee too late in the evening will do), there is now a partial catalog available.  You can reach it either through the link just shown, or through this one:

  • Link to the Poetic Catalog

Or through the button along the header of this page.  There is still QUITE a bit to catalog — I wrote two sonnets a month dealing with the Moon cycle for three years, and a similar cycle three times a month for the Solar cycle as I observed it in New England.  All of that poetry is in here somewhere, but it has to be dug out and organized.  Even this catalog is not completely organized yet, but at least it’s possible to find everything in one place now.  Maybe it needs better organization still? Something to work on.

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