The Room & The Kavad

Yesterday, while ‘stuck’ (very pleasantly, despite the fact that it was due to expected inclement weather which never reached us) in Massachusetts with my lady, I had the opportunity to play a new game with her called The Room.  “You’ll like it,” she said.  “It’s about solving puzzles while opening a magical box.  The box is kinda like your kavad, but it’s a lot more fun to open.”

She’s got a point about that.  It’s a beautiful, amazing, elegant game, and I love it a lot.  I’d buy it for my own iPad, except I have a 1st generation model, and it looks like you need at least an iPad3 to play it.

But it did inspire me to consider re-building the kavad with some moving parts beyond hinges and drawers.  I’m not sure that my technical skills are up to the challenge, frankly, but the play-through last night of The Room offered a lot of interesting possibilities — from re-imagining the box with a steampunk aesthetic only, to actually including an iris window to cover over the built-in table of practice on the top.   Incorporating puzzles into the design will also keep onlookers intrigued or interested…

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I can’t keep designing things if I don’t finish them.  And right now, I need to finish the kavad as is, rather than think about how to redesign it using engineering skills I haven’t even begun to develop.  At least half of every project involves knowing what things you can’t do, so you can concentrate on what you can.

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