Taiji Day 237: No particular edges

Sometimes when we do this kind of daily work, there’s all sorts of insights, deep or otherwise.  Lots of small daily insights usually add up to big weekly insights, and every so often there’s a deep insight that carries us beyond ourselves.

Today is not one of those days. It was a dull practice, made duller by the last couple of days of semi-forced inactivity imposed by the rough weather outside, the lack of school, the preparation that went into creating one program that didn’t run, and the thought that went into other projects that didn’t happen.  All in all, it was a weekend of not getting much accomplished followed by two days of moving forward incrementally on a number of things… while not really getting anywhere at all.  Sigh.

There are days like this.

There are days which are foggy and rainy and windy, when you can’t really see what’s coming down the road at you, or the road is underwater, and you just have to stay put for a while.  Own the moment.  Do the work.  Get the thing built, mix the potion, paint the painting, get up and do tai chi.  Expect that the great insights will come when they’re supposed to.  In the meantime, get things done.

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