Taiji Day 236: No School & In the Light

This morning, I waited until shortly before 7:15 to get up.  I lay awake in bed for quite a while, listening for signs of the storm outside. THere’s not much yet, here.  There’s some wind, some rain, but mostly it seems like a typical drizzly morning rather than a heavy day of storm.  Yesterday, I went to a public Halloween ritual, which was all about the ancestors and going into the darkness.  Indeed, I’ve been doing tai chi in the mornings before dawn for almost a month now, so it’s weird to be doing it in the light.

It was a very good quality tai chi set, not particularly slow, but hot.  It carried this very pleasant energetic afterglow that I associated with a good quality effort.  I’m also feeling relaxed and not particularly verbal, though, which is making this particular entry rather difficult to write.


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