Halloween Storm

Once is coincidence;
twice is bad luck,
three times is enemy action.

This of course is the second storm to come in at the start of Halloween weekend and make a mess of things.  I usually have an open house connected to my membership in AODA, but this year I may have to cancel due to the ongoing expectations of bad weather through Wednesday.  If it happens next year, I think we can say — even if we don’t actually believe — that Mother Nature is officially angry at us.

There was a massive spike in visits today to this blog from Spain of all places… I’ve never had so many visitors in a single day from a country that wasn’t the US before. Welcome, Spain! The astonishing thing is how that sudden spike in visitors changed my statistics for this month — It looked like I was going to have an under-average number of visitors this month, and instead, I’ve suddenly had a record-breaking number of visitors this month, and it’s the second such month in a row.  Startling changes afoot.

Due to the storm, classes tomorrow have been canceled, so I’m going to some friends’ Samhain ritual tonight in Northampton, MA, rather than heading directly home as I usually do on a Sunday night.  I’m looking forward to the day off, because I have an amazing new idea about how to advance the goal of teaching my fellow teachers to teach design thinking, and design thinking process, to middle schoolers.  But it will take some time to implement… in text, and graphics. Now all I need is enough power to run the computer to do the graphic design tomorrow….

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