Taiji Day 152: Mosquitoes

The place where I am is infested with mosquitoes. I discovered this while I was getting ready to do the form. I must have gotten a dozen bug bites in the short while it took me to do the form. Unfortunately there is no indoor space to do the working, which means figuring out how to do it despite the mosquitoes.

The longer one does any work, the more challenges emerge to prevent one from doing it. But it’s about learning to to the work, to treat it as a priority regardless of circumstances. That’s as important an internal lesson as the work itself is doing on your muscles and tendons — will you keep at it? Or give up prematurely?

I have to admit — I got the form done, but I still have to do the Coins and the Silks. That means braving the bug bites and the distractions. I’ll update a little later when I’m done.

update: [9:45 am] I’ve gotten five golden coins done, and eight pieces of silk. It turns out that the bugs are a lot less fierce at 8:30 than they are at 7:00. Good safety tip for tomorrow and Sunday.

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