Taiji day 151: lost post

I wrote a great post this morning about how I had a wonderfully sweaty tai chi session this morning. And something has eaten it. I’m not sure what happened, but it didn’t make the site. Nor did another piece about kayaking on the river at low tide, all the way to the dam, and being fifty feet below the upper river, instead of twenty.

I’m not sure if they’ve been eaten or misfiled, but I’ll be looking into it. More anon, once I’ve checked into what’s going on.

Update: Found part of it. See below, in italics.

Back in my old bedroom this morning, and back to doing what I think of as standard pattern — Five Gold Coins, Eight Pieces of Silk, and the form.  It’s hot enough that I’m just sweating.  Hard.  I’m not even working at doing the form with any particular fierceness or fire, but at some level this is happening often.  Maybe I’m burning through particular energy.  Maybe my musculature has built up to a point where it requires more energy burn to do this work. Maybe I have too much energy, and I have to sweat some of it out. Maybe it’s just too hot and humid.

Whatever the reasons, the last few days have been sweaty… water dripping through the clothes, sweaty.  Ugh.  On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how oogy I feel when I start the tai chi routines — by the end, I feel great.

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