Taiji day 38: it obeys your commands

In the first Star Wars movie, Obi-Wan Kenobi says to Luke (clearly I mean the one we all saw first, back in 1977), in response to Luke asking if the Force controls our actions, “Partly. But it also obeys your commands.”

I may not have the line quite right, and some of my friends will rag on me for that, but it’s nonetheless true that Chi will follow the watercourse way unless redirected by your action. That is, it will take the path of least resistance, and flow downstream and out to sea, and you’ll never have it again. But, it will do that anyway. Whether you do something with that flows to you, is up to you.

You have several choices. You can make yourself a deep pool — a receptacle or vessel where Chi gathers. You can fill yourself up with rocks and branches, which trouble the waters and send chaotic clouds of chi in all directions whenever you move — and you move all the time. You can build the mechanism and structure, so the chi comes into you smoothly, and exits forcefully in a directed stream. You can build other systems, so that sometimes the chi exited you along aggressive paths, and sometimes by healthful paths. Or you can do all of these.

But none of these structure, these constrictions, these restraints, these methods, are possible without moving yourself around. Chi, or the Force, will obey your commands. But only if you’ve done the work to build the channels that chi will flow in. It’s always going to flow away from you — what work will you have it do while you have it?

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  1. It’s like energy. You can save it – but then you just gain weight. The thing to do is to use it as you produce it, but to channel it, grow from it.

    • I agree about gaining weight and deepening the channels in which it can go. I think that’s what I’m trying to do.

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