Sketches / 15 — five golden coins take 2


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I’m working on making this poster of the five golden coins, as prep for trying to do the whole form of my Taiji routine, I expect that the taichi is going to be much harder. Much. But one has to start somewhere.

Taiji Day 41: Put it in your day

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Sometimes you roll out of bed later than you planned to, or you just can’t do your Work right away.  No matter.  Go have your breakfast, get your hair done, meet friends for coffee, read the paper. But make a definite plan for when it gets done.  Reschedule the meeting with your boss.  Write the email another time.  redesign the software later. 

In the interstitial moment between one thing in your day and the next, get the Work done.  It won’t wait for you, you must run like a cheetah on the open savanna or there will be no dinner tonight.  Casey has to swing sometime. The bat can’t always rest on the shoulder.  The dance will go on without you, even if you choose not to show up.  

I’m having dinner with friends tonight, and then we’re going contra dancing. I did my taiji and five golden coins under a noon day sun beside a sparking, burbling river.  It’s a good day