Sun in Gemini III —Praxidike

The Sun enters Gemini III The Executioner’s Sword on June 10, 2023 at 11:46 pm — a region of the sky, and a slice of time, associated with Praxidike, an ancient and somewhat obscure Greek goddess of justice. This decan in the current era frames the constellation Orion, whose shoulders are at roughly 22°-24° of Gemini — and thus, about three days before the Solstice, the constellation Orion will be wearing the Sun like a crown … or a head. We won’t be able to see this, of course: the Sun’s light will make the stars invisible. It still makes for an impressive sight, though, when Orion’s golden head rolls off the back of his neck into Cancer I — welcoming in the new decan, The Mother And Child. Shades of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, no? And perhaps you can consider other similar divine families and their myths.

The decan itself belongs to the Sun — a place where he has the management of justice, and delivers both the executioner and the convict to the stage in the sight of all. This is the last decan before the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere — and in ancient Greece the arrival of this season was associated with the rituals of Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri (“Sons of Zeus”). Being regarded as half-divine and half-mortal, they were worshipped with theoxenia or “god-entertaining” — a table was set for them with both grilled meat (a burnt offering), as well as food and wine (poured in libations). Thus receiving both celestial and chthonic forms of worship, they bridged the divide between earth and sky.

We know something else of their worship, that one of the four mystery cults of archaic Greece met at Thebes. No trace of the ritual survives in available literature, but my guess is that the initiate attended the theoxenia, and then entered a dark underground space for a period of time. There, they would be subjected to threats and warnings from the black-clad figure of Praxidike with the sword of justice in hand, urged to confess their crimes worthy of death. At the height of the ritual, in shining white garments and gold jewelry, actors portraying the twin gods would emerge, stay the hand of Praxidike intent on carrying out retribution, and remind the initiate of their mortal body — and immortal soul. As a further reminder of their divine power, it’s possible that Thebes had a mechanism for discharging St. Elmo’s fire during the appearance of the Twins — since it was the symbol of their appearing. But this is only my conjecture, and the temple complex does not survive to give any clues at all.

The dodeks of Gemini III belong to Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus — we carry around within ourselves a vast range of personal knowledge about our failures and mis-spent time, our errors and mistakes. This leads to dithering, dismay, and sudden changes of opinion and direction. Yet only decisive action, despite our fears, brings contentment and a clear sense of what comes next — the regrets of the past may cause us to delay a decision, but once the choice is past we can find new solid ground under our feet in the results.

Planetary Placements

The chart of 11:46 pm is a Night Chart, with no planet above the horizon besides Pluto in the first house (in the decan of Aquarius called The Mark of Exile — associated with Dike the goddess of justice [or more properly fairness, I’d say]). The exiles have a lot to say in the next ten days, but they’re speaking in darkness… and their critique may take more than ten days to land hard on the hearers.

The Second House, concerning money, finances, and personal possessions, plays host to Saturn, the Moon, and Neptune all in Pisces. Saturn structures a long and winding route to the truth in the coming days, but both the Moon and Neptune signal a great deal of enthusiasm and completion of events long foretold — with or without the bona fides of truth. Those who put their nets down over the side will catch the biggest fish, as the Moon activates the Twenty-Eighth Mansion (a fish house of some reputation); but Neptune also promises big waves that threaten to swamp the marketplace and wash every stall away. The thing is… Neptune promises floods and delivers a slightly higher tide; or promises a weak tide that turns into a deluge. Be alert for the underpromise-and-overdeliver, but be aware that the big talk can lead to a mere whimper.

In the Fourth House of home and family, The North Node, Jupiter, The Lot of Fortune, Uranus, and Mercury all activate and energize the family dinner table and the safety of home, but in different ways. The North Node invites us to make family plans for a favorable summer and autumn, but to hold off on making big plans for the winter holidays. Both Jupiter and the Lot of Fortune suggest that choices made now can allow you to steer clear of expected challenges, and give you the ability to make conscious decisions around the unexpected difficulties once they appear. Maintain beginner’s mind and prepare to be an assertive communicator in the household and familial situations: come prepared with an open mind to hear opposing ideas; but be armed with facts, too.

The Imum Coeli and the Sun both occupy the Fifth House where Gemini waits — Justice promises some unusual entertainments in the days ahead, while the “well of the sky” invites you to practice the crafts and hobbies that you know for real solace and joy — and to care for and look after children with unyielding wisdom and grace.

In the Seventh House of our most important Others — spouse, significant other, business partner, foe — Venus and Mars will chase one another for the next month and more, until Venus turns away and Mars goes on alone. Now 45° ahead of the Sun, Venus is nearly as far from ‘the king’ as she can be — yet she’ll pursue the celestial general relentlessly… first seeking his expertise, then offering him the victor’s laurels, and finally even the banner of empire. None of it will be enough. For those in decaying relationships, it’s an unfavorable warning; for those pursuing a new love or trying to rekindle an old romance, it’s a suggestion of a hot and heavy summer followed by a lonely autumn.

The South Node holds the first decan of Scorpio in the tenth house — if anything brings trouble in your career and professional life right now, it’s probably your own mouth, speaking anger and turning the weapons of words on your colleagues at a time when your own emotional tides are running high and hot…

… dish out your posion-pen-pal remarks to friends after the big staff meeting, please, and follow the advice of the Midheaven: save those nasty comments you could have said to your boss, for your friends and associates to hear later…

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